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san francisco's lowest-paid workers. the pay off some say koild offset the costs to business. and the moment of impact in a crash that killed two people, both innocent victims at the wrong place at the wrong time . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening and happy new year. it's tuesday, january 1st. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. well, high drama tonight on capitol hill. the u.s. house of representative social security in session right now and expected to take a vote in the next hour or so on a measure to pull the nation back from the fiscal cliff. we've been following developments for you and have continuing coverage now from reporter scott live in our washington dc bureau with the very latest. scott. >> gasia, as we speak, nancy pelosi speak to the u.s. house. we now expect the vote to happen at about 7:30. an approval of this now-historic
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fiscal cliff compromise almost a done deal. >> all night we watched house leaders parade in and out of hush-hush meetings up and down the halways in the capitol. some told me they even took some time tonight to actually read this 150-page-plus bill. a bill that would avert a massive tax increase on nearly every american who earns less than $4 hun thousand. after all the long fierce debate, the u.s. house scheduled a vote for tonight. >> i think we've made gigantic progress. i hope that we can have a by partisan agreement as we go forward. >> in the words of one u.s. house leader it was important to vote on this deal before the stock market open and had potentially crashed. just before the vote, republicans on the house floor. >> we're taking up a bill that will not do anything to cut spending. >> and in interviews with us, criticized this last-minute deal saying it's certain to raise america's already sky-high national debt. >> this is like a credit card that we're just putting more money on, and we're charging it to our kids and our grand kids
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and it's irresponsible. >> tonight's vote ends at least this stand off. this fiscal cliff drama, there's another one two months away over the debt ceiling and massive cuts to military spending. live in dc, scott mack far land, ktvu channel 2 news. like the rest of the nation, people here in the bay area have been watching fiscal cliff negotiations with interest. here aes a lg of opinions from customers today. >> i think it's absolutely ridiculous that they can't come to some terms. >> they've not only known about it, they created it. it's ridiculous. >> i think it's a good thing they're taking their time and trying to make the right choice. i want to believe that they're doing the best job they can. >> and you can go to to stay aprides of what's happening on capitol hill. we posted a special tab at our home page including a link that provides details highlighting the deal. two people were kill and had
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a third is hospitalized after a speeding car smashed into a san franciscoly core store this morning. police say officer pulled over a black impala linked to a report of gunfire. that car took off then crashed into a white toyota at high speed on south van ness near 21st. this surveillance video shows the toyota hitting the store. police say a woman in that car was killed. the male driver has life-threatening injuries. a man who happened to be walking into the store at the time was also killed. >> a gun was recovered from the car. obviously this is an unbelievable tragedy. >> police say the driver of that impala is known to gang task force investigators. they say he'll face charges when he's releaseed from the hospital. so far authorities have only identified the pedestrian. he was 26-year-old francisco gutierrez of san francisco. san francisco police are investigating two separate new year's eve shooting that injured a child and two adults. shots were fired last night where crowds of people were
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celebrating the new year. a 12-year-old boy was hit in the foot and an adult was grazed by a bullet. just about an hour before that, someone opened fire at jefferson and mason right near fisherman's wharf. one person was hit in the hand. police say in both incident it is suspects ran away. in san jose, a man wearing only boots and armed with a samurai sword kept police at bay for two hours. neighbors first spotted the man holding an assault rifle at easy and cat street. he drove away and when police caught up with him, he'd removed his clothes and was holding the sword. police say the suspect, 29-year-old charles bennett shouted "you'll have to kill me" at negotiators. officer finally were able to arrest him when he tried escape over a fence. about 200 people today gathered at a bart station to remember oscar grant, the young man shot and killed four years ago by bart police. grant's death sparked a fur roar that still lives due in part to witnesses that videotaped what happened. grant was lying on the platform when he was shot in the back.
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messier lee said later he only meant to taser grant. >> the loss is undescribable. it doesn't matter if it was today or ten years ago, it's still your child and it still hurts. >> grant's relatives are upset that messierley served lez than one year and served it in county jail, not state prison. in the south bay, san jose's mayor paid a visit to police and firefighters. in ten minutes, why is new year's thank you may not sit well with everyone. well, tas happy new year for san francisco's lowest-paid workers. as of today they received a wage increase making the minimum wage in the city the highest in the country. car ra live in san francisco tonight with a look at the increase and its ripple affect. kara. >> san francisco's minimum wage is now 10.55 an hour. that is up 31 cents for a full-time worker that means about $12 more a week. at lefty in union square workers
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welcomed the rise in the city's minimum wablg skwl i mean, it's going to help on things, you know. >> a die-hearted 49ers fan who works full time as a cook says the bump to 10.55 an hour will help his family of four. >> for the gas sometimes, for the toll plaza, you know, little extra to help us. that's really good. >> lisa sanchez, a patron who tends bar at a different restaurant agreed. >> it could be like a bill. over the month that's a bill. that's my pg & e. that's my -- you know, part of my cable bill. it does. it helps for sure. >> make some of the staff happier. it'll be a little more difficult for us to make ends meet. we'll have to watch our costs more. it's going to help a lot of the staff out that live on minimum wage and need two job sgls some argue the increase may hurt businesses and could mean fewer jobs. others including labor expert say otherwise. >> what's often overlooked is other things that lower cost.
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turn there's over going down, attracting a higher quality of worker. we're all benefits in the bay area because there's more purchasing power in the economy because the working pour spend every penny. >> the rise is tied to local inflation rates and went into effect today. live in san francisco, carol lou, ktvu channel 2 news. now ten states increased their minimum wages today. like san francisco, most are the result of cost of living increases. washington state has the highest baseline in the nation at $9.19 an hour. california's minimum wage did not adjust. it remains at $8 an hour. many states require only the federal minimum wage and that's 7.25 an hour. this new year brings new laws designed to protect california homeowners facing foreclosure. one regulation bans so-called dual tracking. it another mandates a single contact for homeowners when they want to talk with a bank about their loans. some other state laws taking
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effect today. one requires school employees who are in regular contact with children to report suspected child sexual abuse. another new law bars hunters from using houbds to track bob cats and bears and gun rights advocates are no longer allowed to carry rifles and shotguns in public locations. new year's day walk on marin county beach ended in tragedy this afternoon when a man was swept out to sea and drowned. according to the coast guard a husband and wife were caught by a strong wave while walking their dog at north beach around 12:30 this afternoon. firefighters say bystanders were able to pull the woman to safety. a helicopter and two lifeboats eventually located the bodty of a 59-year-old man. he'd been in the water for several hours. a man is erroring tonight after spending a harrowing night. authorities say dennis klein parked at the top about 9:00 p.m. yesterday with plans to hike down. hours later he called 911 saying he was near a creek injure and had disoriented. responders lost contact with him some time last night and
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dispatched 675 searchers. the teams located him early this morning. >> we had temperatures reported up on mount being in the upper 30s, some places maybe even freezing so very fortunate that i'm told that he's in good and fair condition. >> heavy terrain hampered efforts to rescue klein by helicopter and it took crews nearly four hours to carry him down the mountain on foot. the midnight fire works show in old sacramento was cancelled last night after two people were shot and killed at a sport bars in that area. as a result those fire works were set off this morning shortly after 8:00. city leaders say they decided to launch those fire works because it's too dangerous to store them after they've been load and had ready. as for that barroom shooting, sacramento police say it started as an argument and escalated. a bar employee steped in to try to break up the fight and that's when police say a 22-year-old man pulled out a gun and shot and killed the employee and a 35-year-old man. a woman was also struck by a bullet. she is wounded. police say an armed security
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guard heard the shots and confronted the gunman. the two exchanged gunfire. both suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. police have arrested the suspected gunman. san francisco's belofed explore tore yum is pulling up stakes and moving. the science museum is relocating after 43 years tat pa las of fine arts in the marina. it'll reopen in a much-larger space at peer 15 april 17th. it's offering free admission tomorrow. during the closure the museum says it'll offer pop-up exhibits all around the city. a contra costa neighborhood plagued with break ins fights back. the surveillance video that led to arrest and one resident's campaign to inspeier more action. and who says you had to be in pasadena to saver it. bands take in the nail-biting finish to a klassic rose bowl. frosty freezing conditions moving back into the bay area for tonight. coming up, the advisories that will move into place and what you can expect for your area coming up
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. bhp investigators say they are piecing together what caused this head-on collision that killed four people on highway 12 last night. three residents died tat scene. two women and a man were riegd in a hyundai as well as a tracy man in a toyota. it's not clear which car krosed the yellow line. the accident happened about 9:10 last night about one mile east of the sacramento county line. the names of the victims have not been released. investigators say they don't know whether alcohol is a factor in this collision. the chp says new year's dui arrest for the state are up slightly compared to last year while fatal collisions are down. during the holiday weekend from last friday until today 1273 drivers were arrested by the highway patrol for driving under the influence. that's up by three from last year. here in the bay area the chp
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arrested 208 people for dui and there was one fatal collision. last year, there were the same number of arrests and a total of three fatal collisions. one neighborhood in antioch is being plagued by home break in. in fact, residents say they're afrmging one a week but they're not taking it lying down. they are taking action. >> they came in through here. they left fingerprints all over here. >> christine shows us how burglars got inside her home in antioch emptying drawers, trashing her bedroom and stealing priceless family jewelry from europe. >> it's very frustrating. you feel extremely violate sfld she and her husband added an alarm system but exactly one month later the burglars returned. >> they kicked in here. >> kicking in these french doors. >> we left at 10: there's 40. they were breaking into our house at 12:40 so what does that tell me? that tells me that somebody is watching the house. they know when we leave. >> fortunately someone else was watch, too. this surveillance video from a neighbor's home helped cash
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three suspects by morales says a closer look at crime stats in her neighborhood reveal add troubling trend. >> just in one month in december on our street we've had, i'd say, one burglary every week. once a week there's a burglary. >> now, she's law firming an e-mail campaign asking city and county leaders to do something about it. she's also reaching out to neighbors online and in person and many seem ready to join her fight. >> hitting everybody. it's not just us. it's all over the place. >> amng her ideas, morales is asking for private security, even a possibility of relocating this trail that runs behind some of the houses that have been burglarized. in antioch, ktvu channel 2 news. now to the south bay where san jose mayor chuck reid started this new year by visiting fire and police stations. he says it's his new year's tradition to thank officers and firefighters for their service and he did it despite some opposition. the police union opposes,
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firefighters agreed to concession to help san jose with its budget issues. secretary of state hilary rodham clinton remains in a new york hospital tonight being treated for a blood clot in her head. her doctors say the 65-year-old did not suffer a stroke or neurological damage from the clot, which they say is located behind her right ear between her brain and skull. they say she'll be released once doctors determine the correct dosage of blood thinners she neesd. her positions say they remain confident she will make a full recovery. more than 60 people are dead and 200 others are injured after a crowd stampeded in the african nation. ivory coast. the stampede started as people left a new year's eve fire works show held in a stadium. the government organized the fire works to celebrate peace. according to some reports, many of the dead were women and children. students and teachers from sandy hook elementary school are heading back to klass this week but at a different school building. thursday will mark the first day of school for the children since
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the masker on their campus two and a half weeks ago. experts say familiarity can help the children recover from the shock of the shootings. a chilly morning in southern california did not prevent tens of thousands of people from turning out to see the 124th tournament of roses parade. they were joined by millions around the world watching on television. this year's theme was dr. seuss's oh the places you'll go. some die-hard fans staked out their patch of pavement starting at noon yesterday and spent the entire night waiting for the parade to start. the cardinal is celebrating a victory in this afternoon's rose bowl game. a 16-yard touch down by young gave the cardinal an early 7-0 lead over the badgers in the first quarter. the badgers closed the gap, they never pulled ahead. a late interception sealed it and san ford one 20 to 14. ruben was in palo alto to saver the victory with the stanford.
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>> they got in a pre-game warmup, even had time to stretch their legs but for many near stanford, the main event was a spectator sport, the rose bowl. >> we're always watching and, you know, the rest of the school is going down there and supporting. >> with this happening it's really changing the mood around here. >> it gives a sense of school pride. >> while it was quiet on campus, it was anything but at pal at sports bars at the patio. >> all of my friends are at the game right now but this is second best. >> it's the rose bowl. you don't get too many trips to the rose bowl. >> the last back in 2000 the badgers beat the stanford cardinals. fans were hoping for a bert outcome in this rematch. >> you want to snuff out any hope they might have right from the start, just wipe it out and go with the ball and just ram it down their throats. >> they say they have low expectations going into the saven the departure of their star quarterback. >> andrew luck. i think we thought it wasn't going to be as good, but the team has been really great this year. it's been a lot of fun.
7:19 pm
>> in the end the teams kept their momentum going pulling out a big rose bowl victory. fans we recollect static. >> go stanford. >> yes. we won. yes. oh my gosh. it's been a long time coming. >> it was a l tighter than i would have liked right down to the end. >> fans had been hoping for a blow out. they got a nail biter instead. still, they said this win was a great start to the new year. in palo alto, ann ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. national hockey league players and team owners started the new year at the bargaining table spending today trying to salvage the last half of their season. the owners have been looking over a proposal offered by the union yesterday. according to commissioner if there's no agreement by january 19th, there may be no hockey season at all. a san francisco community today celebrated both the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation and the quanza holiday. >> the village project and the
7:20 pm
san francisco arts commission hosted the event at the bayview opera house. it featured traditional music and the reading of the emancipation proclamation. the document signed by abraham lincoln that freed the slaves in the united states. well, for some, nothing says happy new year like a good dip. the hearty souls who say taking this plunge helps brace them for anything that comes this year. and get ready for another cold night. meteorologist rose mary orozco tells us just how close it'll get to freezing in your neighborhood. and if you're onto go, you can still watch ktvu news live on your computer, smart phone or tablet. get the app or go to ♪
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. cleanup crews hit the streets of san francisco early this morning after the fire works show ended and the partiers hopefully made it safely home. 10s of thousands of people showed up for the midnight show and many left their trash and bottles behind, but city public works crews tidied things up with street sweepers and brooms. the pyrotech nicks were a crowd pleaser. the free show highlight add night of revelry which an estimated 250,000 people packed the waterfront to watch the traditional fireworks display. san francisco police say they arrested ten people on misdemeanor charges including
7:24 pm
being drunk in public. well, boy, if you were out there last night and you thought you were cold, don't go out tonight, right. >> you are right. another chilly night. even colder than what we felt last night and if you workout doors tomorrow morning, thermals may do you some good. it is going to be cold out there so much so we have advisorys to talk about, a look at storm tracker 2. 24 hours ago we were watching that system you now see over southern california. over oregon it slid right down california today and even kicked up our winds a little bit in some areas but now that it has shifted south our winds have continue today lighten up. 8 miles per hour and 7 in oakland. if you do have a little bit of a breeze outside your door already agd to the windchill effect because most of us sitting in the 40s even 39 degrees. 49 s fkso so we have mostly clear skies. the winds are going away and with those very calm conditions that cold air is really going to sink totd low-lying areas and it's going to stick so the frost
7:25 pm
advisory is actually for the bay area, not san francisco but most of our bay side communities down into the santa clara valley through tomorrow morning. the freeze warning is for the north bay valley locations, as well as the hills below a thousand feet. that means mid-to-upper 20s expected in the overnight hours. here is a look at what i'm expecting for santa rosa. 29 degrees for you. 30 in napa, 31 for vallejo. upper 30s in oakland. 32 degrees redwood city. 34 in san jose. upper 20s, livermore, antioch, fairfield. low 40s in san francisco so a chilly start for you but nothing by comparison when you look at some of our inland areas, freezing temperatures and again with those advisory that is means your plants may be in trouble, your pipes, your pets. take good care of them in the overnight hours. tomorrow morning we will wake up cold once we get past that chilly weather. we'll be mostly clear. we'll be calm. we'll be cool once again so a good-looking forecast by the afternoon well. do have a spare the air day in place for your
7:26 pm
wednesday once again. afternoon highs for tomorrow a lot like today, perhaps slightly warmer. 56 for santa rosa, mid 50s in oakland, 53 san francisco down into the south bay 55 san jose, 54 los gatos. your extended forecast we will see just a minor warmup, enough to bring us out of the 20s by wednesday night into thursday morning, and we are dry into the weekend, mid to upper 50s in the forecast saturday and sunday. gasia. >> rose mary, thank you. for the second year in a row, people in san francisco answered a call today to start the new year by jumping into the pacific ocean. polar bear plunge at ocean beach was organized by high-tech rider matt honan who suggested people bring a towel and a sense of humor. one of the participants said jumping in that chilly water makes whatever happens the rest of the year seem a bit easier. >> thank you for trusting channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight we'll be following the fiscal cliff vote which is expected to happen here
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in just about 45 minutes on the floor of the house of representatives. keep in miebd we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv 36 ú÷ús
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